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Paperwork Overload

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of writing about this subject until now.  When you first get into the real estate business, one of the areas that will make you feel entirely overwhelmed is the paperwork.  Which papers should you use for different transactions and how do you fill them out?

When I started working, the paperwork overwhelmed me to the point that I wanted to bolt for the door.  There just seemed to be so much to know and so many papers to fill out at a time.

I am here to tell you to relax.  The fear goes away fairly quickly.  The best advice I can give you is to have a template of each type of basic transaction.

My manager is incredible.  Once a week she will gather the newer employees and teach us how to fill out a new form.  She walks us through the paper and tells us what each paragraph means and what should be filled in in that spot.  Because I got this training, I was able to put together some files with example forms already filled out.

If I have a listing appointment for example, I now have a folder with all the things I will need.  In the front of the folder is a checklist detailing the items I will use for the appointment.  I also have a list of things I will need later if the appointment goes well and the property is listed.

I have my templates that I look over to refresh myself on what each part of the paperwork means and what needs to be written in each spot.  I also do some preliminary filling in of items that aren’t as important but cut my time down at the appointment.

I like to feel relaxed and confident when I go on an appointment.  If items like our office address and the address of the home I’m visiting are already filled in, I don’t feel as overwhelmed by the amount of items that need to be filled in.  It may sound strange, but it’s a bit of a mind game that I play.  The more I am able to fill in ahead of time, the less I see that needs to be explained on the form.  My confidence is raised because it looks easier to explain 5 items than 10 (for example).

When it comes to going through the paperwork, for me it seems that once I go over it once, I am good to go the next time around.  What seemed so difficult all of a sudden seems like no big deal.  I promise this will happen with you too.  Just hang in there and know that you will be confident in no time.

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My Busy Schedule Begins

When I started working at the office, more experienced agents would often say to enjoy the slow days because they wouldn’t last long.  I always thought this was a crazy thing to say.  I mean, I was ready to be busy.  I wanted to have a schedule full of clients and days where I needed to hustle to get everything done.

After being at the office for two months, I can proudly say that the tide is turning.  I have a home that is listed, a family looking to buy a home, a listing appointment set up and another appointment to view a home with a new family.  It feels great to see that things are picking up.  It didn’t take long to get a few significant leads and start doing the work I was trained for.

Going on a listing appointment means that I need to get paperwork together that explains our company, what I can offer as an agent and comparable homes in the neighborhood (important to figure out how much to list a home for).  Getting together with a potential buyer means getting a list of homes to view that a potential buyer might be interested in seeing.  Setting up appointments at these homes and putting together a folder with a disclosure, contract, lead paint info and information on the company are also part of a successful appointment.

There is a lot of behind the scenes work involved in getting ready to meet a potential client.  My experience has been complete enjoyment in planning the appointments and putting together presentations.  This is what I trained for, and I really love what I’m doing.


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I’ve Listed My First Home

Well, I did it.  I listed my first home.  I have gotten to know another agent in the office fairly well.  We both started working at the real estate office on the same day.  We have shared the same cubicle and have compared notes often.  It’s been great to know someone who is going through the same experiences to be able to lean on.

The other day, a call came in while the agent I know was doing floor calls.  A couple wanted to list their home.  The agent was as anxious as I have been about going on a listing appointment.  She asked me if I would like to go on the appointment with her and share the potential commission.  The idea of having another agent to lean on for a first listing appointment was an incredible opportunity for me.  When I said sure, she was as happy and relieved as I was.

To get ready for the appointment, we looked at other comparable homes in the area so that we knew what a good price would be to market the home at.  A folder was put together with information on the company, where we would advertise the listing, the costs of listing the home and so on.

We went to the listing appointment, walked through the home to gauge what condition the home was in and then took a seat to go over the information we had brought.  The couple was as nice as could be and we felt at ease right away.  Going with another agent turned out to be a great idea.  The couple was happy to get more than one opinion.  They liked the fact that they would be getting two agents working on their home for the commission of one agent.  We connected with the couple quite well and they were happy to sign a contract for us to list the home.

We spent about two hours on the appointment and took our time to go over all of the information.  We put a plan together regarding when we would start showing the home, the possibility of having an open house and scheduled a time to come back and take pictures and get measurements.

When we got back in the car, we were elated.  The couple really liked us and we really liked them.  Working as a team worked out to our advantage and the couple was thrilled.  I felt so lucky to have met another agent that I work so well with.

We have decided that we will continue to work as a team for a while until we are more comfortable striking out on our own.  The great thing about the two of us working together is that we are looking to sell real estate in different areas.  I am at the southern end of Oakland County.  It’s where I live and the area I am most familiar with.  The other agent lives at the northern end of Oakland County.  Because we will ultimately be working in different areas, we will be able to help each other with referrals of people looking in the area we will be servicing.

If you are just starting out as a realtor, I highly recommend getting to know someone in the office that is like-minded.  To be able to ask advice, get support and possibly even share listings having another agent to lean on is truly invaluable.




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