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Home at the Holidays

As the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, I think about the importance of the home.  No matter how big or small your home is, or whether you rent or own your home, home really is where the heart is.

This is the time of year when we tend to spruce up our homes.  The house is freshened up and decorated for the approaching holidays.  Out of the attic decorations are pulled.  This is the time of season where entertaining is at its peak.

In our home, candles are placed throughout the house.  Cinnamon spritzed pinecones are mixed in a bowl with cinnamon sticks and glass ornaments.  A wreath is placed over our mantel and pine boughs are draped down the stair railing.  Lights twinkle outside on the house and festive music is played.

This is the time of year when our kitchen gets an extra thorough workout.  Cookies are baked and dips are made.  The air is filled with happiness and the children seem lighter on their feet. No matter where you live, the home does seem to come alive with activity. It really is a very special time of year.

This is the time of year that friends and family become more of a priority.  The hustle and bustle of work, school activities and appointments slows down as the holidays envelop our family.  The holidays truly are a time to reflect and feel grateful for all we have.

As Thanksgiving is now just days a way,  I hope you are able to share this special day with the ones you love.  Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude.  What better way to feel gratitude than surrounded by those close to you, in a home you have cozied up and a delicious meal to enjoy with others.

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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The Psychology of the Client

Not too long ago I was working with a family who was looking for a home to rent.  I understand making sure you have the perfect home to buy.  Possibly going round and round comparing different homes to make triple sure that the home will make you happy for years to come.  I never realized that people might get this wrapped up in a rental that they could walk away from in as little as 6 months.

Look, for those of you who are looking to make real estate your career, rentals are time-consuming and will not make you any money.  The way a rental works for your commission is one months rent is divided between you and the other realtor.  On top of that, it is divided again between you and the company you work for.  When all is said and done, you might walk away with $200.  When you figure the amount of time it took to look at homes and the miles on your car and the gas, it really is a losing proposition.

The way I choose to look at rentals is that there are many people in bad situations who need to get back on their feet.  Helping them out makes me feel good.  Another thing to keep in mind is that some day they might want to buy a home.  If you clicked with your client, the possibility that they will call you again is good.  All in all, it’s about looking at yourself and deciding how you want to promote yourself.  Do you want to be seen as someone who puts people before the money?  Or, do you want to be seen as a person who is all about the money and the people don’t matter?

Back to my story.  So this family has looked at 12 properties at least in a three week time span.  The third home they saw they liked enough to put in their paperwork and see if they would get approved.  Not only did they get approved, but the owner of the property was willing to make some major adjustments for their comfort.  Example, they were willing to paint the rooms colors that the family would find to their liking (currently the walls in the entire home are white).

Well, for some reason after getting everything that they had asked for, it was almost like they couldn’t believe their luck and had to test it.  They became determined to see ever property possible before the day we had scheduled for the owner and renter to finalize the paperwork.  It got so out of hand that they wanted to see properties that didn’t even slightly meet the criteria of what they had been looking for.  The home would be much smaller than what they were willing to live in or there wasn’t as many bathrooms and bedrooms as they needed.

Towards the end, a desperateness overcame them.  I began receiving emails before 8:00am.  Within 15 minutes, I would get another email asking why I hadn’t replied to the original email.  The emails went on past 11:00pm in the evening.  I had maintained a good repore with the family.  Even so, I had trouble keeping their emotions in check.

The paperwork for the rental originally chosen hasn’t been finalized yet.  The last conversation I had with the family was in regards to driving the 30 minutes to the home they might rent just to look at it from the outside to make sure they still liked the way it looked from the street.  At this point, I was working with another client and had to mention to the family that the home was vacant and there would be no problem if they chose to look at the front of the property on their own.

I am hoping that the family realizes that this really was the best home they had seen.  That they are lucky to be dealing with a landlord who is so willing to accommodate them.  Only time will tell how the situation will unfold, but it is a new lesson for me in learning how to deal with the psychology of people in all sorts of situations.

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The Best Part of This Job

I have been fairly busy recently trying to find some good housing for a few different clients to rent.  I have one client who is looking to get out of an apartment and into a first home ever for her and her family.  This client knows what city she would like to live in and how much she can afford to pay in rent.  Her only requirements is a yard for the kids to play in and some space inside the home so the family can have people over to visit.

Another one of my clients is going through a personal life experience requiring them to start over in a new home.  Although the situation is not ideal, they are excited to start over fresh in a new home that they can be excited to call home.

Both of these clients are renting a home.  The vast majority of people who have been contacting the real estate office recently are looking to rent.  Most homes are going for $1,000 to $1,200.  This seems to be the average amount that people can afford to pay per month.  Homes are being rented out in this price range as soon as they hit the market because of the demand.  Finding a good home as it hits the market is challenging, but rewarding when you find the home that thrills the clients you are working with.

The best part of my job is to hear what is going on in someone’s life and to help them find a place to live that they can love and call home.  I love that I can help a family settle into a home so that their kids can have a yard to play in.  It makes me feel good to see someone go through a tough time in their life, yet become excited over the possibilities laid out in front of them.  To be able to see these people make a move that will change their life in such a positive way makes my job the greatest most satisfying job I could ever ask for.

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