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Once You Find the Home, Give Yourself a Moment to Relax

This scenario has played out time and time again.  I will show a client several homes. They will find a home that makes them happy.  An offer will be submitted.  If it takes more than a few hours to hear from the sellers, the buyer gets antsy and wants to look at some more homes.

I’m not sure why this occurs, other than to think that the adrenaline is running and they just need to keep moving.  Each time this has occurred, a desperateness seems to take over.  People will ask to see homes that are not at all what they are looking for.  They will view the home and walk out disappointed.  There is just this need to confirm that the home they picked is the right one and all other homes are awful in comparison.

I have not seen this scenario ever work out well for my clients.  It’s not like the additional homes they view thrill them and make them doubt their decision.  I guess that in the mind of a buyer, they need to prove to themselves that what they chose is definitely the best choice.

If I could relay a piece of advice to buyers who get antsy, it would be to relax.  Look, you’ve done a lot of research, and spent many days running around checking out multiple homes.  In the end you will drive yourself crazy with self-doubt.  Take a moment to stop and feel the excitement of the home you fell in lpve with.  Remember what it was about that home that thrilled you.  If by some chance the deal falls through, there are many more homes just waiting to be snatched up.

Buying a home is an expensive proposition.  It’s a life changing event.  Give yourself a break when you decide on a home.  There is a reason why the home you chose was right for you.  If you have second thoughts, it’s better to face it head on and figure out why the home might not be the one.  By knowing what you don’t want and what will work for you makes going out and looking for a different home more successful.  If you just aimlessly continue to run around and view homes while you are waiting for an answer, it won’t serve any  purpose other than to frustrate you.

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When Doubt Creeps In

I have had a lot of encouraging moments recently.  My blog, Adventures in Real Estate is in our local paper, The Oakland Press online.  I have also had some other opportunities come my way in recent weeks.  Here’s the kicker, even though I’m having some very positive moments, I have noticed that I have begun to drag my feet.

You would think that the more positive news I have gotten, the harder I would be pushing myself along.  What I’m finding out is that I have basically stalled out.  Frozen in place like a deer in the headlights.  There is something strange about feeling some success.  Maybe it’s a little foreign to me to push so hard to achieve what my brain feels is the impossible and to actually see progress.  I have been having this little internal fight with myself to deal with the feeling of pressure from an imaginary monster who is breathing down my neck willing me to produce more and better content in a faster pace than what I have done yet so far.

I am in awe of the fact that my own self can turn on me when everything is beginning to fall into place.  I can see the first crack of light shining through with a glimmer of success behind it but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Why does it seem that in your best moments, you become your own worst enemy?  Why is it that when the pieces of success are beginning to connect, you no longer seem impressed by what you have achieved.  Instead you just want to bury your head in the sand or run for the hills?

I have become disgusted with the lack of motivation and the way my mind is trying to bully me into stopping what is becoming a great path.  I have decided to refuse to listen to the voice of doubt and fear and push forward with the goals I have created for myself.  Sure this is all new to me.  I am going through a big turning point in my life where I am fed up with not getting the things I want.  Like a little kid I am stomping my feet, holding my hands over my ears and won’t listen to the voice in my head that enjoys taunting me with words of insecurity.

The only way I know to get through the procrastination is to (like the Nike commercial states) Just Do It!  I’m not sure there is any other way to get past procrastination other than to act on the exact things that you are feeling dread in doing.  By the way, why does a person feel dread in doing something they love when a little fear creeps into your head and you feel a sense of force to produce?  Like a bully, I am staring that monster in the face and letting it know that the things that I am fearing are just plain dumb and serve no good purpose.

So now I’m going back to the drawing board.  I have set some new goals and come up with some new angles to get my name out there.  My focus is now on getting in front of people to set up some referral systems. I might not have the best answer to what I should work on next, but you never know until you try.  Not trying is not an option. My advice to anyone out there who is going through a bout of procrastination, give yourself a minute to think about how stupid the insecurities really are, realize the good that can come from pushing ahead, and then, Just Do It!!

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