Where Should you Work?

03 Nov

As I have been working in real estate, I have gotten some offers to join other companies.  I have had 2 companies I have never heard of reach out by email and ask if I might be interested in looking into their companies.  I have had a real estate agent ask me if I was interested in being a buyer’s agent for her.  I have also had an upscale real estate firm dangle an offer for me to work at their office which is smack in the middle of a city I am farming heavily.  This company would have been ideal because of the location, training from an extremely high level producer and the introduction into selling high-end homes.  I have to admit, the last offer had me tempted to jump ship where I was at.

What is interesting is that I have only been in the business since July.  I have seen my career start to gain some speed, but let’s face it, I am brand spanking new.  Really too new to make an educated decision on what is best for me and my career at this time.

Although these offers have been flattering, the practice of grabbing up agents from other companies as I have come to find out is nothing new.  Several agents in my office have been asked to join other companies.  In the end, we all stayed.

I was in the office the other day, mulling over the last offer.  As I walked around the office gathering paperwork for some appointments I had over the weekend, I really paid attention to the environment I was in.  The people I work with are all incredibly friendly.  I feel close to many of the other agents.  Lets face it, no matter where you work, being able to enjoy the company of your fellow employees is a big deal.

I had some questions for the manager about the way some paperwork was written up.  She was more than happy to put everything aside and answer my questions.  She is always incredibly enthusiastic and wonderful to go to when you are unsure of something.

I had an agent who was busy and offered me a listing they didn’t have time to work on.  All in all, it felt like home.  I have carved out a nice place to build my business.  I work with great people, the atmosphere is laid back and positive.  I would be crazy to leave a place that makes me happy when I walk through the door.

There will always be time to look into what might be a bigger and better opportunity later once I am able to go about my business without doubts or questions.  If I work at my business and really put my heart and soul into accomplishing success in this career, I should have the opportunity to go after the business I desire without the jolt of moving to another company.

I’m bringing all of this up because as a new realtor, if you are doing well, the offers will start to come in to jump ship.  Before letting your ego run your decision for you, take a step back and look at what you have created.  Are you happy when you walk into your office?  Are the resources you need to succeed there at your fingertips?  Do you have the support of management when you are unsure of something you are working on?  Do your fellow employees treat each other well and work as a team instead of running each other over?  I was able to answer yes to all of these questions.  I am happy to have had choices, but I know the best choice for me is to stay squarely where I am at.

I hope this article is helpful to you as you continue to navigate your own real estate career. 🙂

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