The Best Part of This Job

10 Oct

I have been fairly busy recently trying to find some good housing for a few different clients to rent.  I have one client who is looking to get out of an apartment and into a first home ever for her and her family.  This client knows what city she would like to live in and how much she can afford to pay in rent.  Her only requirements is a yard for the kids to play in and some space inside the home so the family can have people over to visit.

Another one of my clients is going through a personal life experience requiring them to start over in a new home.  Although the situation is not ideal, they are excited to start over fresh in a new home that they can be excited to call home.

Both of these clients are renting a home.  The vast majority of people who have been contacting the real estate office recently are looking to rent.  Most homes are going for $1,000 to $1,200.  This seems to be the average amount that people can afford to pay per month.  Homes are being rented out in this price range as soon as they hit the market because of the demand.  Finding a good home as it hits the market is challenging, but rewarding when you find the home that thrills the clients you are working with.

The best part of my job is to hear what is going on in someone’s life and to help them find a place to live that they can love and call home.  I love that I can help a family settle into a home so that their kids can have a yard to play in.  It makes me feel good to see someone go through a tough time in their life, yet become excited over the possibilities laid out in front of them.  To be able to see these people make a move that will change their life in such a positive way makes my job the greatest most satisfying job I could ever ask for.

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