An Added Perk to This Type of a Career

01 Oct

This might be a minor point to many of you, but for me, it’s a big deal.  It’s flu season.  I had to stop into the office for a few hours to work on floor calls.  All around me were people sneezing, coughing and blowing their nose.  I couldn’t wait to get out of the office.  Then it hit me, I can get out of the office.

I love the flexibility of my job.  I especially love that I don’t have to sit in a germ filled environment if I choose not to.  I have a low immune system and have always been a bit sensitive being around those who are sick.  If you are sick, I wish you would just stay home.  Honestly, I dread being around someone’s illness because invariably, I will end up with whatever you are carrying around.  I have tried the flu shot and let’s just say it didn’t go over well.  i will not be getting the flu shot again, but that’s just me.  My best defense, therefore is to just avoid sick people the best I can.

So I’m curious, how you feel about working in an office with people who come in sick.  Also, if you are in the real estate business, what are the perks of the job that you really enjoy?

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