Sometimes the Stories you Hear will Break your Heart

11 Sep

Recently it seems that the people I have been speaking with are all in bad situations financially.  Honestly, these stories have been breaking my heart.  I spoke with a family who owed more on their mortgage than what their home was worth.  This family wanted to sell their home and buy a cheaper place to live with a smaller mortgage payment.  They were stuck because they had hoped to use extra money from their current home as a down-payment towards a new place to live.

I have talked with several people going through foreclosure, panicked about finding a place to live.  Because of the foreclosure, their credit is shot.  Because their credit is shot they are terrified no one will rent to them.  They have a family.  There are children who have had the same home, neighborhood, school system and friends.  The parents are broken over having to tear their children out of the place they have called home for so long.  They have no idea where they will go or if they will have a roof over their head.

I got a floor call recently from a man who said that he just needed a place for him and his son to lay their heads at night.  I had asked him for an email address so that I could send him some information.  He didn’t have an address.  I hadn’t realized it, but he was homeless.  All I could think was how horrible I felt for him and his son.  I worried about his son and wondered how old he was and how they were getting by.

Rentals are the big thing these days.  People can’t afford a down-payment on a mortgage.  Most have credit that is pretty roughed up.  Because of the demand, rentals are going for higher and higher prices.  The average rental home with three bedrooms in Oakland County is going for an average of $1,300.  With many jobs offering minimum pay, where are many of these people going to find a place to live?

This is the rough part of working as a Realtor, at least for me.  If you are thinking of becoming a Real Estate Agent, there are going to be some great enjoyable moments, but there will also be a lot of sad stories, especially since the economy tanked.  I wish all the best for those going through hard times.  For those who are doing well, I hope you know how fortunate you are.  For those who are struggling, please know that you aren’t alone.  There are many families out there going through the same hard times.  For those reading this post, if you know of any place offering assistance to those who need help with their home, food, jobs etc… please leave the information in the comment section.  Hopefully someone will read this post and get some help if they need it because of the information you left.  Thank you.

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