The Importance of Being Organized

01 Sep

I have been working now for two months.  This is not by any means a very long time.  In the short time I have been actively working in the office, I have built up quite a bit of paperwork.  I have paperwork from school, meetings, continuing educational classes, office forms, notes, contact information, marketing material and so on.

I began to feel bogged down with the growing stacks of papers piling up at home.  The worst part of having so many papers was what to bring or leave behind when I would go to the office.  The clutter was not only distracting, but got in the way of me feeling on top of my game.

I ended up buying a file box.  This is a box with a handle to put your files in.  Not very expensive and easy to acquire at any office store or a store like Target or Walmart.  Getting this box really got me to organize all of the paperwork I had accumulated.  It also gave me the opportunity to focus on what I felt I had learned and what areas I was falling short in.

I created the following files: School, Personal, Marketing, Meeting Notes, Office Instructions, A-Z files (so each client would have their own individual file) and Expenses. The list of file categories will continue to grow as I learn more.

I have created a Word file that keeps track of the social media sites I’m on, the passwords and any referrals from those sites.  I have another Word file that keeps track of my contacts.  It shows the client’s name, address, phone number, anything sent to them by email and what they might be interested in (homes, cities, prices, features etc…).

By the end of each week, it is amazing how much is learned compared to the week before.  It’s hectic and overwhelming to keep all of the information learned straight, so having a way to organize has become essential.

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One response to “The Importance of Being Organized

  1. joannerambling

    September 1, 2012 at 3:50 am

    Yes being organised is very important and so many people are not and others like me are kind of organised


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