Things Are Picking Up Again

22 Jul

I got an email from my manager yesterday.  She had tracked down the reason I hadn’t gotten my license in the office yet.  Apparently the state had screwed up and printed my license as being good through 2015 instead of until 2012. No matter, I was thrilled to hear that everything had been straightened out and that I would be able to actually start taking people out and showing them homes very soon.

I still have a few steps to take now that my license is in.  I have to sign up for the National Realtors Association, there is a class I need to take so that I can start using the MLS and there is another class I need to attend toward my educational credits for the year.  All of this is fine with me.  I am just happy to be moving along again.

This past week I have been determined to stay productive in the face of being stalled from starting to do the actual work of a Realtor.  This became my week to get my name out there into the world.  I printed up a few hundred flyers and spent a portion of each day walking blocks in my neighborhood to pass out flyers introducing myself.  I figure I will try any technique I can come up with to drum up some business.  The flyers scored a total of zero calls.  That fact amazingly hasn’t frustrated me.  I still got an opportunity to get my name out there and I now know what doesn’t seem to work for me.

I have been handing out cards where ever I see an opportunity and I have completed my list of contacts.  I am on to the process of writing out some hand written letters to those people I haven’t spoken with in quite some time.  I feel like email is too impersonal and a hand written letter is so rare these days that a newsy catch-up letter will leave a nice impression.

Hope you are having a great weekend, more to come next week.


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