Another Week at the Office

12 Jul

I need to mention right off, I Love My Job!!! I am so excited about my career choice and feel like it is a great fit for me.  I have been amazed at the attitude of my office.  Everyone has gone out of their way to introduce themselves, answer questions and show support.  I have never had such a welcoming experience and I feel extremely lucky.

I have attended a few meetings this week and the manager of the office has taken me under her wing.  She has scheduled weekly meetings with me to get me familiar with all of the paperwork that I will need to know inside and out.  Things are definitely beginning to fall into place.

I will be signing up for a 3 day class (8hrs each day) that will further prepare me for my life as a realtor.  Some of the subjects covered will be handling social media and how to get more exposure, understanding the contracts that you will fill out and how to set up your business.

My only frustration has been that I want to know it all yesterday and want to jump in and get moving.  I guess you could say I’m slightly impatient.  On the good side, I definitely don’t feel overwhelmed.  The pace has been fantastic.  I am comfortable with what I have learned so far and look forward to what’s to come.  Thanks for stopping by.  More information will be posted as it develops. 🙂

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One response to “Another Week at the Office

  1. Jo-Anne Meadows

    July 13, 2012 at 6:52 am

    Those 3 days may seem like long days but will be worth it


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