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Great Start This Week

I am excited to announce that I have received two incredible opportunities.  I am now one of the featured bloggers at The Oakland Press. The Oakland Press will be running this blog in its online edition of the Oakland Press.  I will have the ability to write about my experiences as a Realtor for a much bigger audience.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity.  I have also been approached to write a monthly article for the site.  This will be an excellent opportuntiy to discuss the current housing issues that a Buyer or Seller might experience.  I will also be able to promote and market myself to newlyweds looking to Buy, Sell or need help with Relocation.

You can check out the link for the Oakland Press here:

As I have been keeping you updated on my progress, I thought I would share with you what I am working on this week.  I have been busy handing out flyers throughout my neighborhood to introduce myself and to get my name out there.  I am also working on putting a newsletter together for my neighborhood association with some facts on the current conditions of homes in our area.

Later this week I will have the opportunity to shadow a Realtor who has over 20 years of experience in Real Estate.  I am looking forward to watching how she handles a listing appointment as well as some behind the scenes preparation for her week.

I have been lucky to work for a company that does an incredible job training new Realtor’s.  I have learned so much about the business in such a short amount of time.  The most exciting thing about this business is that it is ever changing.  I don’t see myself getting bored any time soon.  I love that no matter how long you are in this business, there is always something else you can learn to make yourself more valuable to your clients.

For all of the new reader’s who are just reading this blog for the first time, thanks for your interest.  I hope you find information within this blog that you find valuable.  If you have any questions about your home, please feel free to leave a comment.  I would be happy to comment back.  If you want to discuss Buying or Selling a home, please email me at:


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Confidence in the Economy

When I decided to pursue a career as a Real Estate Consultant, I have to admit that I was nervous about the state of the housing market.  I knew we were in better shape than the last few years. I had witnessed several friends who had been working in real estate jump ship.  As always, I have been following the public listings for homes that were for sale and did see a decrease in the amount of foreclosures as well as an increase in the sale price for a good quality home.  It also appeared that these good homes were hitting the market and were being bought up almost as fast as they were being listed.  But, what did I know, I was new to real estate and these were just observations by an amateur.

On Friday, I was in the office and could not believe the hustle and bustle of people moving in and out of the office.  The place was literally packed with people attending meetings to close on the sale of a home.  There was a constant flow of activity.  Each conference room was filled with agents, clients, and representatives.  There was paperwork being signed and hands being shook as keys were exchanged and people congratulated each other.  This went on all day.  As soon as a conference room emptied out, a new group of people entered the room and the process began again.

There has been so many stories about where the housing market is at.  I have heard so much doom and gloom and had bought into so much of the hype.  What I learned that day in the office was that there seems to be a silver lining.  The housing market is not the same as it was before the market collapsed, but from my perspective, there is movement which is more substantial than I had realized coming into the real estate field.

I have been talking with some of the agents in the office to get their view on the housing market.  The biggest challenge that many of the agents seem to be facing is the lack of homes being listed.  Apparently there is an increase in the amount of buyers who have been approved for a loan and are ready to buy a home.  Homes in good shape going up for sale at a well listed price are receiving multiple offers within days of hitting the market.  This is a great sign that there is movement in the housing sector and that the future looks a bit more promising than what I had originally thought.

If you are a Seller, if you are thinking of selling your home, now is a great time to put your home on the market.  If you are a Buyer, make sure you are pre-approved so that you can make that offer.  Homes are selling quickly and you don’t want to lose out on your dream home when you find it.


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Things Are Picking Up Again

I got an email from my manager yesterday.  She had tracked down the reason I hadn’t gotten my license in the office yet.  Apparently the state had screwed up and printed my license as being good through 2015 instead of until 2012. No matter, I was thrilled to hear that everything had been straightened out and that I would be able to actually start taking people out and showing them homes very soon.

I still have a few steps to take now that my license is in.  I have to sign up for the National Realtors Association, there is a class I need to take so that I can start using the MLS and there is another class I need to attend toward my educational credits for the year.  All of this is fine with me.  I am just happy to be moving along again.

This past week I have been determined to stay productive in the face of being stalled from starting to do the actual work of a Realtor.  This became my week to get my name out there into the world.  I printed up a few hundred flyers and spent a portion of each day walking blocks in my neighborhood to pass out flyers introducing myself.  I figure I will try any technique I can come up with to drum up some business.  The flyers scored a total of zero calls.  That fact amazingly hasn’t frustrated me.  I still got an opportunity to get my name out there and I now know what doesn’t seem to work for me.

I have been handing out cards where ever I see an opportunity and I have completed my list of contacts.  I am on to the process of writing out some hand written letters to those people I haven’t spoken with in quite some time.  I feel like email is too impersonal and a hand written letter is so rare these days that a newsy catch-up letter will leave a nice impression.

Hope you are having a great weekend, more to come next week.


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Some Goals For This Week

I still haven’t received my license from the state.  I thought it would have already been sent to the main office. I was under the impression that my license would arrive in a week, but apparently not.  In the mean time, I feel a bit limited in what I can accomplish.  Until I get my license, I can’t join the Multiple Listing Service.  This means that I can’t look up the new listings that appear before they hit the public.

I have had to get creative about how I will be spending my time.  I don’t want to sit in limbo.  There are signs everywhere announcing homes for sale, and I want to be the listing agent for those signs.  I have decided to work on getting my name out there while I wait.

I am interested in working in an area around my home.  There are 5 cities I am concentrating on.  The furthest I would be driving in any direction would be about 7 miles.  I have grown up in this area, have kids in the school system here and have a lot of connections.

I spent the day writing up an introduction letter announcing that I am a Realtor in the neighborhood.  My goal is to hand deliver 50 flyers a day.  This is the best way I can think at the moment to start getting my name out there and becoming more familiar to the people who live around here.  I will put up my profile on every social media site that I could think of.  My web site will be up and running and I have a stack of business cards to pass around as soon as my license comes through.

Tomorrow I will also begin the process of handwriting letters to all of my contacts.  I’ll let you know if I get any business off of these tactics.


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Another Week at the Office

I need to mention right off, I Love My Job!!! I am so excited about my career choice and feel like it is a great fit for me.  I have been amazed at the attitude of my office.  Everyone has gone out of their way to introduce themselves, answer questions and show support.  I have never had such a welcoming experience and I feel extremely lucky.

I have attended a few meetings this week and the manager of the office has taken me under her wing.  She has scheduled weekly meetings with me to get me familiar with all of the paperwork that I will need to know inside and out.  Things are definitely beginning to fall into place.

I will be signing up for a 3 day class (8hrs each day) that will further prepare me for my life as a realtor.  Some of the subjects covered will be handling social media and how to get more exposure, understanding the contracts that you will fill out and how to set up your business.

My only frustration has been that I want to know it all yesterday and want to jump in and get moving.  I guess you could say I’m slightly impatient.  On the good side, I definitely don’t feel overwhelmed.  The pace has been fantastic.  I am comfortable with what I have learned so far and look forward to what’s to come.  Thanks for stopping by.  More information will be posted as it develops. 🙂

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First Week at the Real Estate Office

So I’m sure you are wondering what the first week is like in the office.  My week was a whirlwind of activities.  I have to admit that it is truly overwhelming to realize how much you don’t know.  Complicate that with some people reaching out wanting me to list their properties and help them find new homes and the race is on to get everything taken care of.

I started my first day with a meeting.  There were several other realtors who attended the meeting that I got to meet.  The meeting covered topics associated with the first meeting with a potential client.  It was probably the best, most interesting meeting I have ever attended.  I really felt as though I had found my dream job.  I soaked up as much information as I could and loved all of the side comments from other realtors relating stories of experiences they have had.

Because of the holiday, there weren’t as many people in the office.  I spent most of my time working from home  the first week.  Truly a dream come true for a mom with younger children at home.  I had a pile of paperwork that I was given with checklists of things to set up and goals to accomplish each day. Most of my week was spent on a computer, but from home.

I have spent the week setting up email, voicemail, ordering business cards, putting a contact list together and prepared to put my profile on every real estate site I could find.  My week was basically a bunch of busy work, but needed busy work.

As I go into my second week, my focus will begin to be put onto how calls are handled, visiting open houses and doing some driving with some of the other Realtors.  Oh yeah, I have two different friends asking me to list their homes and help them find new places to live.  I won’t be able to assist them until my license comes into the office, but thankfully they are in no rush.

Overall, I am thrilled to be seeing some future business so quickly.  I know that over the next few weeks, things will begin to fall into place and I will be more comfortable with the process of putting contracts together and showing properties.  I am just excited and at the same time impatient to learn everything I can and run with all of my new-found knowledge.


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