The State Exam

28 Jun

The big day finally arrived.  I had spent a week and a half studying.  I practiced on every practice test I could find to get comfortable with the feel of taking the actual test.  I learned that I had to slow down and really consider what the question was asking for.  I also had to trust my gut and not change any answers once a decision was made.

I passed the test!!!  When I went in to take the test, my driver’s license and social security card were taken.  I had my picture taken in case I passed (they hand you an I.D. card with your picture on it to carry with you).  I wasn’t allowed to have my purse in the room.  I did take a calculator and was given a scrap piece of paper and a pencil.

The entire test was done on a computer. 120 questions, all multiple choice and timed.  You were given 180 minutes. I was done in 63 minutes.  The moment you hit end, a word pops up on the screen with the word pass or fail.  I passed the test and was given my I.D. card.

I have to say that I’m glad I studied the way I did.  I wasn’t nervous because the whole situation was so familiar. I do think I could have taken less time to study the material.  The test was much easier than the test I took at the school.  I kept hearing that there were trick questions, law questions, environmental questions, and I had none of these.  It is true that there are 6 different tests that get handed out, and I guess it’s the roll of the dice what you will get.  All I can say was it wasn’t hard, but straight to the point.

Oh yeah, quick pointer, you can bring a calculator, but it has to be the type with only the basic functions.  I had to go out and buy one.  Word to the wise, try it out before you use it.  I bought it on the way to the exam.  When I got in the room and needed to use it, I found out that half the buttons weren’t working.  I was stuck taking the exam with no calculator.  Trust me, you will want a working calculator.

In the end, I passed and will be starting work as soon as I hear back from my Broker.  I’m so excited.  It’s official, I’m ready to be a Realtor now.

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