Practice Tests Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

13 Jun

I’ve been studying for the State exam and have found practice tests on our Michigan Government site which are terrific. I should mention, it’s important to use tests that are based on laws in your own state. The test I took today was 100 questions and said to be a 2-hour test.  The great thing about the test I took was that there is no time limit.  You can get up and stretch, read each question thoroughly and really absorb what you are doing.

When the test is completed, you are given a score for each area covered.  There are areas like agency law and financing.  Each category will show you how many questions there were, the amount you got right and wrong, and what the percentage was.  You can go back over the test and see what questions were right and wrong.  Each answer has a detailed explanation next to it so that you can understand why a particular answer was right.

My plan is to complete one test a day and review the answers.  Then I will go back to my book and read over areas that I did poorly in on the test.  I hope this strategy works well for me (I’ll let you know).


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2 responses to “Practice Tests Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

  1. Jo-Anne Meadows

    June 13, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    I hope it works for you too…………….


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