What Going to School For Real Estate is Like

09 Jun

Whew, just got through the toughest week at school.  I had signed up for a one week class.  My schedule was 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday.  This one week class covered 21 chapters.  At the end of the week there was a final, and if you passed, you were able to sign up to take the state exam to get your license.

The first day of school was surprising.  There was just under 50 students in the class.  I guess the average class has somewhere around 25 students attending.  When you consider the economy, you would think that not as many people would be on board to go into real estate.  As I found out, there are a lot of people who lost jobs and $10.00 hr at any new job they find is a pretty bleak future.

The class was made up of a few 20 something’s. A majority of the people were in their late 40’s/early 50’s.  There was a few people who were even older.  The teacher was very peppy and definitely knew how to engage the class.  A lot of stories were sprinkled in with the material which made the class much more bearable.  The classes did fly by fairly quickly for the length of time you were there.  Multiple breaks were a huge help.

The class was tough I won’t lie.  Even if I hadn’t taken the accelerated class it would have been tough.  I have taken law classes and was grateful to know about contracts, property laws and such.  It was incredibly helpful to have some familiarity with these concepts.  An example of the fast pace, were discussions about contracts that lasted half an hour total.  I took a contract class for a semester and the law professor said we were skimming the surface compared to law school.  In law school, you will have several classes in contracts.  I don’t know how people without some familiarity with some of the concepts we were learning were able to absorb the information.  These are hard topics and not easy to process the first few times going over it.  There is just so much to wrap your head around.

A good amount of people in the class had some background that touched on real estate.  There were people from banks, title companies and insurance companies.  There was a person who had a job, but took her one week vacation to go to school.  One man had licenses in 4 other states and flipped homes.  A few people came from families that had several members in real estate careers.  There was even a woman who was finishing a Master’s Degree in Psychology, worked in a real estate office and wanted to get a license.  It was fascinating to hear about people’s backgrounds, why they were getting a license, and what there plans were once they got it.

A typical day for me would be to begin class at 9am.  We would get a break at 11am for 20 minutes.  We would continue on until 1pm.  At this time we would get a practice quiz to take with us on our lunch break.  The quiz wasn’t graded.  It was an opportunity to test ourselves on what we had just learned.  We had 45 minutes for the break and then it was back to class.  We would have one last break at 3:30pm for 20 minutes and when we got back we would go over the quizzes and ask questions.  Our day ended at 5pm.  Each day we would have covered 4 to 5 chapters.  When I got home I would study until midnight and then go to sleep.  It was an intensely exhausting week.

Friday afternoon we took the final.  Wholly was it hard.  There were 75 questions and I swear they were from a book we had never looked at.  There were also some trick questions where you truly had to know what you were reading to get the answer. The school has a 70% passing rate and now I know why.  Here is the crazy part, you were allowed to use 2 pages of notes.  It didn’t matter what size paper (even poster board was acceptable).  I didn’t have one thing in my notes that was useful on the quiz.  Other people said the same thing.  I had gone over the notes of the two woman in front of me before class started and although they both passed, neither had notes that worked in their favor either.  The hard thing about notes was that we found out on Thursday that we could use them.  Instead of doing practice tests and rereading chapters, you would be going crazy scribbling notes onto paper.  It felt like you weren’t studying.  I think my grade would have been higher if I hadn’t worried about messing with notes.

The good news, I passed!!  The bad news, it was by the skin of my teeth.  I had planned to take the weekend to cram for the state exam and take it at the beginning of next week.  After taking the final, I will be taking a full week to study before I attempt the state exam.  I’ll keep you posted on what the state exam is like.  Thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “What Going to School For Real Estate is Like

  1. Jo-Anne Meadows

    June 9, 2012 at 4:02 am

    Sounds like a really busy week you had but it will be worth it in the end I hope when you get your licence you rock at the job and it is all you want it to be……….


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