Why Real Estate?

03 Jun

My family is thrilled that I am going into real estate.  The consensus has been, “it’s about time.”  I have been mulling over the idea of a real estate career for years.  I avoided jumping in mainly because of the amount of money you have to invest while months may go by without any income flowing in.  In the last few years the housing market became such a mess that realtors I knew were jumping ship (these were people who were making a decent living in the field).

I had worked in a factory on the line for one of the big 3 for seven years.  I was making great money and thought I would retire off the job (and have a nice pension to boot).  The plant closed down and I was out of a job.  Finding another job as a 40 something with a family depending on my income was rough.  All I had was an Associate Degree and it was in Liberal Arts.  The jobs I qualified for were $10.00 an hr nothing jobs that high school students could easily fill.  There was no place to move up and I couldn’t see myself working for almost minimum wage for the rest of my years.

I do have a sales background and loved working and socializing with people.  Finding ways to fill a need was thrilling to me and I was good at it.  I always had a knack for being able to help others in an honest, hardworking way and developed a good following.

My passion for homes is well known.  I am a real estate junkie who needs their daily fix of looking at what homes are on the market and what homes are selling for.  I would research anything I could about short sales, foreclosure, land contract and so on.  I did this just for fun because it interested me so much.

So here I am biding my time until Monday arrives and I can get going with classes.  I guess I’ll spend some time and look at what houses are for sale or recently sold in my neighborhood.

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